Our Vision

Catering to the cravings of destinations once known. The Cravings truck satisfies the yearnings of every weary traveler, near or far. Featuring sandwiches handcrafted with the flavors of your favorite destination from just across the street to the other side of the globe.

Our Story

The thought of owning a food truck has been a lifelong mission, as well as my passion for cooking and being able to share that obsession. In the beginning, while every child was watching their favorite cartoon characters, I grew up watching cooking shows. Being raised in an ethnic family and in a multicultural area has given me exposure to various ethnicities of families and food, the perfect spark for my food fueled journey. 

Meet the Team

While John might be the passion and skill behind the serving window, he's nothing with out the brains and support of Sara. We have come together in life as a family and now as business owners.


John Eliav / Sara Montano



John Eliav / Alon Eliav